The History and Origins of Shillong Teer Games

“Shillong Teer” is a traditional archery-based lottery game that is popular in the northeastern Indian state of Meghalaya, particularly in the city of Shillong. The word “Teer” means “arrow” in Hindi, which reflects the game’s archery-based nature.

Here’s how Shillong Teer is typically played:

  1. Archery Event: Shillong Teer Shillong Teer Ending Number is based on the results of an archery event that takes place daily (except on Sundays) in Shillong. The event is organized by the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association.
  2. Two Rounds: The archery event consists of two rounds of shooting arrows. In the first round, archers shoot a predetermined number of arrows at a target. In the second round, a different set of archers shoots another set of arrows.
  3. Betting: People who wish to participate in Shillong Teer place bets on the outcome of the archery event. They predict the number of arrows that will hit the target (bullseye) in each round. Bets are placed on numbers ranging from 0 to 99.
  4. Result Announcement: After both rounds of archery are completed, the results are announced. The winning numbers are determined based on the total number of arrows that hit the target in each round. For example, if 324 arrows hit the target in the first round and 248 arrows hit the target in the second round, the winning number for that day would be “72” (the last two digits of the total).
  5. Payouts: Payouts in Shillong Teer are determined based on the bets placed. The odds and payouts can vary, but they are typically set by Teer organizers. The winning amount is usually a multiple of the bet amount.
  6. Timing: The archery event and result announcement have fixed timings. The first round usually takes place in the late morning, and the second round follows in the early afternoon. The results are typically announced shortly after the second round concludes.

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